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new_cover_calorieThe Calorie Counter

By Karen J. Nolan, PhD & Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, CDN, RD

Diet trends come and go – but one thing is certain – calories count!

The Calorie Counter is the most comprehensive calorie counter and the least expensive, most effective, diet book in the marketplace. With the sound advice, support, and calorie information provided the reader can design their own diet that will work for them. Calorie counts for more than 20,000 foods.

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About The Authors:

Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN
Karen J. Nolan, PhD

Nutrition information you can use right now. We know that you are more interested in what to eat for lunch than understanding how your metabolism works. Jo-Ann Heslin, a registered dietitian (RD) and certified dietitian/nutritionist (CDN), and Karen J. Nolan (PhD) have spent their careers translating nutrition science into practical, easy to understand, reliable eating advice.

They have served as advisors and consultants to business and industry and as partners in NRH Nutrition Consultants, Inc. The Experts have written 29 consumer nutrition books and two college textbooks. They have headed research studies and are frequently quoted in the media. Jo-Ann Heslin has served on the editorial boards of Prevention, American Baby, Childbirth Education, Environmental Nutrition Newsletter and the Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly.  She is currently the Food & Nutrition Columnist for

Today with sales of over 8 million books, Jo-Ann Heslin and Karen Nolan continue to collaborate on the nutrition counter book series published by Pocket Books.

Information about food choices can be confusing because nutrition science is constantly evolving. We’ll help you to translate this information into good advice you can use right now. When you read posts on this site, we want you to feel like you’re having lunch with an old friend – not threatened or intimidated into making changes, but encouraged and supported toward a healthier lifestyle.

Try our advice – it’s practical, easy to understand, reliable, and gets results.

Everyone loves to talk about food–it’s fun! But, we need to talk about nutrition, too–it’s important to your health.


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