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Calorie Counter

1st eBook edition

By Karen J. Nolan, PhD and Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN

Diet trends come and go – but one thing is certain – calories count!

The Calorie Counter, digital edition is the most comprehensive calorie counter and the least expensive, most effective, weight loss book in the marketplace. With the sound advice, support, and calorie information provided, the reader can design their own diet – one that will work for them.  Included are calorie counts for more than 20,000 foods!

Available at the low price of

  $7.99   $4.99!







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I’m a baggage handler in Atlanta and this book helped me more than any other diet I’ve tried. We’ve started a weight loss group for men in my department and we are losing quickly just like you said in the section on men and dieting.

Tons of listings for fresh, packaged and take-out foods. Endless listings for restaurant items as well. I have dropped 8 pounds and still losing.

Everybody hates dieting, but you won’t after you read this. It makes sense and it works.

This was recommended by my sister and she said I could not go wrong with it. Boy, was she right!!  Easy and straightforward. You can use the information immediately. So many tips.  Listings are great for fresh, frozen, canned, and for eating out. I’ve recommended it to several people.

I finally understand how many calories to eat. Great book to individualize a weight loss plan you can live with.





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