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Protein Counter

1st eBook edition

By Karen J. Nolan, PhD and Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN

As essential to your gym bag as a water bottle!

Every day your body must build and replace millions of cells—an impossible job without proteins. The amount of protein you need changes with exercise, stress, weight loss, illness, injury, age, and pregnancy. That’s why your body is counting on you to eat the proteins it needs to maximize fitness, boost your immune system, protect you from chronic disease, help you lose weight and keep it off, and much more. The current protein recommendations may be too low for optimum health. The completely revised and updated Protein Counter will help you individualize a protein plan based on the latest protein research to keep your body active, strong, and healthy.  Protein, fat, carbohydrate, and calorie counts for more than 15,000 brand-name, generic foods, take-out and restaurant foods, including hundreds of energy bars and drinks.

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Husband had gastric bypass surgery and the first rule for weight loss surgery patients is protein, protein, protein. We were unfamiliar with protein foods and this book has been a lifesaver. Thank you.

Terrific book. In addition to protein, also shows calories, carbs and fat values. Also lots of listings for fast food restaurants, which is really helpful.

This book helped me set up my pre-marathon diet and I had the best time ever!



This book is going to come in so handy after my by-pass surgery. So happy to have found it. Information is so easy to understand and use. Great resource.

I have been looking for a book that gave protein information about normal food. This is super easy to use and the foods are easy to find. Everything is alphabetized!

I’m 70, and my doctor told me to be sure I get enough protein. Now I’m sure I do.





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