Americans are obsessed with dieting but sadly few are actually slim. A study that followed over 3,300 high school girls in Ontario found some disturbing links to dieting. Amanda Raffoul, the lead researcher, said “Post-puberty changes often lead to weight gain among girls and there is incredible pressure from social media and elsewhere to obtain … Read More

Over half of Americans want to lose weight making fad weight loss diets very enticing to try. Fad diets do work. As a matter of fact, all diets work. Fad diets, however, are like a patch on a leaking tire. The patch lasts for a while and then gives way. Fad diets also last for … Read More

A flexitarian is a person who eats mostly a vegetarian diet, but occasionally includes meat. Does that mean you eat meat once a week? Once a day? It doesn’t matter because there is no formal definition of flexitarian. It is flexible to meet your needs. It simply implies that that you are leaning more in … Read More

Most weight lose diets make promises that are simply too good to be true. So, how do you recognize a diet that will help you effectively lose weight and keep it off? Steer clear of a diet that: Promises a quick weight loss or a promise you will lose many pounds in one week. Even … Read More

Fast Not

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on December 18, 2014 · 0 comments

Intermittent fasting is a diet trend that many are trying. Limiting food to just 8 hours a day, severely restricting calories a few days a week, or fasting on certain days and feasting on others are popular approaches. For many, especially women, these dieting practices often trigger intense cravings, preoccupation with food, and rebound binge … Read More

No one is perfect. So you ate the whole piece of cheesecake? So what! One large meal, one dessert, one bag of chips did not make you overweight. It was one large meal after another, too many desserts, and far too many bags of chips. When you are trying to lose weight, you either stick … Read More

We eat more calories, fat, and alcohol on weekends. Go easy on weekend choices. We eat 82 to 115 more calories a day adding up to a weight gain of 2 ½ to 3 ½ pounds a year. … Read More

Tiny temptations that add on calories: Dinner is over and you are putting away the leftovers. There are only a couple of spoonfuls of candied sweet potatoes left. Too little to save and you hate to throw out food, so you eat them. Three tablespoons of candied sweet potatoes = 75 calories. … Read More

Did you know that People who keep track of what they eat are less likely to overeat and more likely to make healthy lifestyle changes? Write it down–food journals work! … Read More

Go easy mixing diet drinks and alcohol. Ordering an alcoholic drink with sugar-free syrup, sugar-free juice, or diet soda could make you tipsy faster. Sugar free add-ons make alcohol to leave your stomach quicker causing higher blood alcohol to rise more quickly. … Read More