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Diabetes Counter

1st eBook edition

By Karen J. Nolan, PhD and Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN

What can I eat now that I have diabetes?  Everything!

The all new Diabetes Counter is the best resource available for a person living with diabetes, whether you are newly diagnosed or trying to fine tune your diabetes management. It includes calorie, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar and fat values for over 12,000 foods, 900 take-out items and close to 100 restaurant chains. You will find out: how to count carbs, why sugar is not off limits, why fiber helps control blood sugar, and how to prevent insulin resistance. In short, your will be able to manage diabetes and live life to the fullest. For more than twenty-five years, the print edition of the Diabetes Counter has been helping people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes control their blood sugar without sacrificing the foods they love. Now, for the first time, the eBook edition can help you.

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If you are battling diabetes you need this book.

This book  was recommended by a dietitian. The information is spot on for our day & age. I wish I had learned more about this in school – maybe we wouldn’t have so many people with diabetes if we did!

We highly recommend this book as an aid in following a low carb diet.

My doc said watch your carbs and don’t eat sugar. I was lost but the Diabetes Counter walked me through everything I needed to know. My numbers are good and I’ve recommended this book to my doctor!

The Diabetes Counter is easy-to-use, gives step-by-step support and helped me individualize my diabetes diet for my lifestyle. For the first time I feel in charge.





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