It is estimated that 1 in 6 kids in the US weighs too much but few pediatricians recommend intervention. Sadly, for overweight kids, if the issue is not addressed in childhood their future health is at serious risk and their lifespan may be compromised. Heart disease – A person’s current weight is a strong predictor … Read More

Research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dieteticslooked at life-course theory to explain how obesity develops over time taking into account a person’s life events. For a person to get the right intervention to lose weight it is important to determine if changes in weight were the result of a dramatic … Read More

As the world’s population gets heavier there is concern about the burden this will have on health care costs as well as the wellbeing and the quality of life for those who weigh too much. Some research results have suggested a heavy but healthy scenario known as the obesity paradox. This idea suggests that it … Read More

Sadly, many children today weigh too much and one in six are obese. Carrying too much weight increases the percentage of fat tissue more than its boosts lean body mass and overweight increases kidney size. All these factors have an impact on how a child’s body takes up medicine, where it is retained, and how … Read More

In the US over 18% of children aged 6 to 11 years old are obese. For little ones, aged 2 to 5, almost 14% are obese. We are not talking about a chubby child. Obesity at this early age means significant weight gain for their age. Portion distortion is a contributing factor. Obesity is measured … Read More

Reducing food waste and using foods efficiently to allow global resources to feed our ever-growing world population is currently getting a lot of attention. Researchers from the University of Edinburg attempted to quantify how food was lost in the global food system. They discovered that overeating, consuming more food than is necessary for nutritional needs, … Read More

There is no place left in the US where the majority of people are slim. Every state has an obesity rate of more than 20% of the population. In nineteen states, making up almost 40% of the US population, 30% to 35% of the states’ residents are obese. In three states, Arkansas, Mississippi and West … Read More

Did you know? Carrying too much weight increases your risk for gum (periodontal) disease, bad breath and tooth loss.   … Read More

When researchers calculate someone’s Quality-Adjusted Life Years, more years are lost due to obesity than those lost from a lifetime of smoking. Moderate obesity can reduce your life by 3 years and severe obesity can shorten your life by a decade.   … Read More

In an annual Gallup Health and Healthcare survey, American men, on average, reported that they weigh 196 pounds. Women say they weigh 160 pounds. Both figures are nearly 20 pounds higher that the average weights reported in 1990. When you ask men what they believe their ideal weight should be they say 181 pounds. Women … Read More