Experts agree that excessive alcohol intake by a pregnant woman is dangerous to the developing baby but there has been disagreement as to whether smaller amounts are harmful. A number of recent studies are suggesting that there is no safe amount or safe stage during pregnancy to drink alcohol. An editorial and studies presented in … Read More

The advice about eating fish during pregnancy is often contradictory and complicated. Pregnant women want what is best for their developing baby. Many shun fish because they are concerned about the effect of mercury on brain development in their unborn child. Though all marine life may contain traces of mercury, a recently completed, large, long … Read More

A study done by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada found that every year more than 100,000 children are born worldwide with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). FAS is a lifelong disorder with a known cause and it is preventable. Globally, about 10% of women in the general population consume alcohol during pregnancy, and … Read More

Women who have adequate folic acid before conception can reduce the possibility of NTDs by as much as 70%. Did you know eating cereal for breakfast is a simple healthy choice you can make to have a healthy baby? Fortified, ready-to-eat cereals are a major source of folic acid (a B vitamin). Since 1998, in … Read More

How you take care of yourself during pregnancy directly affects your developing baby because the two of you are an inseparable pair 1. Your baby’s growth is continuous, requiring a steady supply of nutrients. If you skip a meal, ask yourself, “Who’s feeding my baby?” 2. Smoking isn’t good for either of you. If interferes … Read More

We know that alcohol can damage an unborn baby but the question remains, how much alcohol is needed to cause harm and when is the risk greatest for the developing baby. For obvious ethical reasons, researchers cannot expose pregnant women to alcohol and wait to see the results. But a group of researchers from the … Read More

One in every 88 children born today will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder which is characterized by social and communication problems and repetitive behaviors. Children with autism can also have intellectual disabilities. Anything that a woman can do to lower the risk for this condition makes sense. A study done at University of California … Read More

You’re pregnant and you are determined to do everything you can to be sure your baby is growing and thriving. But, everywhere you turn people are giving you advice. It’s hard to know who to listen to, especially when it comes to food. Most foods are safe to eat and will provide important nutrients and … Read More

You are not going to become a mother in a few months – you already are one. The care and feeding of your infant began at the moment of conception. Though you were not aware of it, you began to “mother” your child at that instant. The two of you are an inseparable pair. How … Read More

Most of us would automatically say, “No!” But a growing number of women and their doctors feel that an occasional drink during pregnancy does no harm. A number of health professionals and pregnant women are advocating for choice and commonsense, promoting the idea that a small glass of wine for dinner is okay. In fact, … Read More