Tiny temptations that add on calories. Dinner is over and you are putting away the leftovers. There are only a couple of spoonfuls of candied sweet potatoes left. Too little to save and you hate to throw out food, so you eat them. Three tablespoons of candied sweet potatoes = 75 calories. … Read More

Super sizing your meal may super size you. Large, value meals add extra calories, fat and sodium you don’t need. … Read More

Sixty and you play ice hockey. Seventy and you play competitive volleyball. Eighty and you’re on a basketball team. Ninety-five and you still compete in swimming events. These are just some of the state and national level master athletes in the U.S. today. This should come as no surprise. Baby boomers, the first of whom … Read More

When the government issues new guidelines about food and healthy eating, most Americans throw up their hands in dismay and walk away baffled by the suggestions. Many say the recommendations do not reflect their traditional, social, or cultural eating habits. For example, they may never drink milk. Even if the government recommends drinking more milk … Read More

The government, food industry, public health groups, and various health-related organizations are all trying to provide consumers with sound information on living a healthy lifestyle. Good news – most have heard the messages. Bad news – fewer are adapting the message into everyday living. Why? The average consumer finds putting dietary advice into practice confusing … Read More

Being on a diet is a lot like running a marathon. Runners talk about hitting a wall—getting to spots in a race where they find it hard to go on. Dieters hit trouble spots, too. There are times when motivation is low, or a week or two goes by with little or no progress, despite … Read More

You probably consume calories while you cook. If you taste, nibble and nosh while cooking, try chewing gum—it’s a simple trick to save thousands of calories a year. Getting enough sleep keeps you thin. Research has shown that your appetite increases markedly when you are sleep deprived. Sleep more, weigh less. Weekends can be hazardous … Read More

Sound impossible? It’s not. Each morning you decide to eat or not. Cereal or toast? Toast with butter? Or butter and jelly? One slice or two? Coffee, tea or Coke? Milk or sugar? One spoonful or two? Fruit or juice? Large glass or small? Seconds? All of these are considered low involvement decisions – usually, … Read More

What changes should we all make in our lives for better heart health? Try looking at the American Heart Association’s (AHA) new diet and lifestyle guidelines. The 2006 recommendations, released and published in the journal Circulation, take into account factors such as food, physical activity, smoking, alcohol use, and weight. And they don’t just offer … Read More

There are 80 calories in an oatmeal cookie, a medium apple, or a glass of nonfat milk. Which is the best nutritional investment? An oatmeal cookie, regardless of how good it tastes, has far more fat and sugar than oatmeal. Your calorie investment is low on important nutrients, but high in fat and sugar – … Read More