New in the Market: Nonstick Skillets

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on November 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Emeril Stainless Steel Nonstick 2-pc Skillet Set

We recently had the opportunity to cook with two lines of nonstick skillets – Emeril Stainless Steel 8-inch and 12-inch Skillets  and Technique 8-inch and 10.5 inch Enamel Lightweight Cast Iron Frypan Set.

Both sets performed well, distributing heat evenly, heating up quickly, and holding heat well. The handles were well designed and did not get hot and cleanup was fast because of the nonstick surface. You would not go wrong with either set. They would be a great gift for someone setting up a kitchen, a college student looking for a few utensils, or for the cook looking to modernize some of her well-worn pans.

Emeril has teamed up with JC Penny, introducing a new line of cookware. The Stainless Steel Skillet Set comes with a nonstick interior coating which allows you to use less oil for frying. The handle grips are silicone. The frying pans are oven safe to 350oF and can be us on all stovetops. They are dishwasher safe. We were introduced to this cookware at a luncheon where Emeril demonstrated the line and cooked lunch for the participants. Now that was fun and it is a pleasure to report that not only is Emeril a great cook but he is a friendly, congenial host who happily discussed food and cooking techniques with those enjoying lunch. Suggested price $40.

Technique Lightweight Cast Iron Pans

The Technique Frypans are lightweight cast iron with a Dupont Teflon Scratchguard Ultra coating interior and an enamel exterior. You can use metal utensils with these frypans. For those looking for the even heat distribution of cast iron without the old fashioned weight of traditional pans, this is a nice option because it is 40% lighter with the same cooking efficiency. It is recommended that you use only medium to low heat when cooking because cast iron holds heat so well that higher temperatures can cause burning. It is also suggested that you do not use nonstick cooking sprays because they will burn and create a sticky residue. Sadly, we made this mistake and we did get a smoky mess. The coating on the frypans performs so well you only need the amount of oil or butter you wish for flavoring, not for frying. The frying pans are oven safe to 500oF and can be us on all stovetops. They are dishwasher safe but the manufacturer recommends hand washing.  The frypans are available with black, blue or red exteriors. Suggested price is $39.84 on QVC, the only retail outlet for the set at this time.

Our only disappointment with both sets is that they came without lids. We often use frypans, especially heavier ones, for stewing and simmering. Lids are needed for longer, slower cooking — a personal bias that may not matter to others.

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