In vitro is the study of things in test tubes. In vivo is the study of things in a living system. Researchers at UNC School of Medicine and Notre Dame University have proposed the term “in firmo” to define the experimental examination of excrement – poop. Why, you are wondering, do we need a scientific … Read More

Nutrition science evolves. The nutrition news you hear on TV or read in magazines and the newspaper as a continuing dialogue by scientists in which theories are proposed, studied, and interpreted. Research probes the unknown so there is rarely a “final” answer. For every new bit of nutrition information that is discovered comes more questions … Read More

When the government issues new guidelines about food and healthy eating, most Americans throw up their hands in dismay and walk away baffled by the suggestions. Many say the recommendations do not reflect their traditional, social, or cultural eating habits. For example, they may never drink milk. Even if the government recommends drinking more milk … Read More