olive oil

My guess is that you put your olive oil in the refrigerator and if so, it became thick and cloudy. It is perfectly safe to use. It will lose the cloudiness and thin out if you store it in the pantry. Oils, including olive oil, can be stored at room temperature. It is the saturated … Read More

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, with 264 varieties. Half of all the olive oil used in the U.S. comes from Spain, even though it may be bottled and shipped from another country. Here are some olive oil tips provide by the Trade Commission of Spain. All extra virgin olive … Read More

After teasing out other factors that may relate to the incidence of stroke, researchers found that for those 65 and older who regularly used olive oil in cooking and as part of salad dressing, had a 41% lower risk for stroke compared to those who did not use olive oil. It is unclear at this … Read More