Recent research looked at how much time students had to eat lunch at school and how the time allowed affected what and how much they ate. The researchers found that when students had less than 20 minutes to eat, they rarely selected fruit, which is more time consuming to eat and they also ate less … Read More

If your child brings lunch to school here are a few things to consider. How long is it from the start of school till lunchtime? Without refrigeration, 2 hours is the maximum before food starts to spoils, especially lunch meats and milk. Where is your child’s lunch stored in the classroom? Few classrooms have refrigerators. … Read More

We love to try new foods. Some don’t measure up and some become staples in our kitchen. See what you think. Wrap sandwiches are versatile and offer options that you just can’t prepare between two slices of bread. The downside to most wrap sandwiches is that they are too big and the calorie load is … Read More