Whole grain foods are good for you. They help reduce the risk for many life-shortening diseases plus they strengthen our gut microbiome, often our first line of defense against infection.  With all this going for them, whole grains are still a hard sell for most kids.  They often prefer to eat pasta and bread made … Read More

Kids as young as 10 know about energy drinks and perceive them as cool to drink with their friends, but few understand anything about their negative consequences. The use of energy drinks by teens is a global issue seen in the US, Europe, the Middle East, South America, New Zealand and Australia. Boys are more … Read More

Sadly, many children today weigh too much and one in six are obese. Carrying too much weight increases the percentage of fat tissue more than its boosts lean body mass and overweight increases kidney size. All these factors have an impact on how a child’s body takes up medicine, where it is retained, and how … Read More

In the US over 18% of children aged 6 to 11 years old are obese. For little ones, aged 2 to 5, almost 14% are obese. We are not talking about a chubby child. Obesity at this early age means significant weight gain for their age. Portion distortion is a contributing factor. Obesity is measured … Read More

Kindergarteners and first-graders who watched as little as one hour of TV a day were more likely to be overweight. A study of over 11,100 kindergarteners showed that most kids averaged 3.3 hours of TV a day. Think about that. This is the average, meaning 50% of the children watched more than 3 hours of TV … Read More

Is it TV or the food commercials on TV that’s behind the alarming rate of childhood obesity in the U.S.? The debate has been going on since the 1970’s. TV watching by its very nature is inactivity. Some research has even suggested that children who watch a great deal of TV fall into a trance-like … Read More