Be smart about sodium. You develop a greater sensitivity to sodium as you get older which may contribute to high blood pressure. Eating too much salt makes your body lose calcium. Treating hypertension may prevent dementia. Simply draining and rinsing canned beans will lower their sodium value by 40%. Processed foods and restaurant meals are … Read More

You may be one of the lucky ones. Your blood pressure is normal and eating salty foods has little effect on your numbers. A current research review paper may make you rethink your luck. It showed even for people with normal blood pressure, excess sodium can take its toll on other organs. A high sodium intake … Read More

More than 90% of US adults eat too much salt and very little of it comes from the salt shaker. Over 75% of the salt eaten every day comes from ready-to-eat foods – take-out dinners, restaurant meals, pizza, soup, snacks, candy, cakes and soda. Fewer than half the foods we toss into our grocery cart meet … Read More

When told to eat less salt, most people instinctively empty the salt shaker and feel good about this positive move toward eating less salt. Wrong! Let’s take a look at where salt is lurking in the foods you eat. 77% is found in restaurant foods and processed foods we eat at home, like frozen meals … Read More

We love to try new foods. Some are great and become staples in our kitchen. Others don’t measure up. See what you think. FalkSalt, a Swedish company, has been making crystal flake salt since 1830 and is the number-one brand in Sweden. Now, Falk is available in the US. Packaged in 8.8 ounce plastic containers … Read More