Some things to consider about nutrition research: Nutrition science is a process of evolution not revolution.            The news and internet may not always give you the most accurate health information. In science all answers are provisional until proven or disproven by further research. Never make drastic changes in your life based on the results of … Read More

Berries get their red, purple or blue color from natural pigments known as anthocyanins. A recent Finnish-American study showed that anthocyanins in berries could activate the SIRT6 enzyme function which may reduce the expression of cancer genes and cancer cell growth. The regulation of this enzyme could open up new avenues for cancer treatment. While … Read More

With the global increase in obesity and diet-related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, there is renewed interest in Palaeolithic diets with a meat-centered approach to eating. It is believed by many that meat eating kick-started human brains to develop into larger and more complex organs which gave humans the edge on … Read More

We need to consider research as an ongoing conversation. You can’t look at one study in isolation. Every study offers its data into the research conversation. Some studies show a breakthrough in knowledge. Other studies may point out complications that need to be addressed so no one is harmed. Many studies just add a few … Read More

You are what you eat. Most of us accept this precept. The problem is knowing exactly which foods should we be eating to achieve good health. The nutrition experts seem to change their minds daily about the advice they give. Does the flip-flopping mean nutrition science is wrong? Actually no. Science evolves one plodding step … Read More

Forget reality TV. The real action is happening on the fat front. There are two distinct sides to this controversial issue. In the low-fat, high-carb corner are true believers, government agencies and professional organizations who zealously support the “less is best” theory of fat consumption. In the other corner, the high-fat, low-carb group is lead … Read More

Butter is not good for you. Margarine is good for you. Margarine is not good for you. Maybe butter is not so bad after all. WHO’S RIGHT? Depending on when it was said, every statement is correct. Confused? Most people are, because advice about what to eat keeps changing. Why? It’s science. Pure science gathers … Read More