When kids are presented with very large portions and expected to clean their plates it overrides the natural feeling of fullness. This can lead to overeating because the feeling of satisfaction from eating is ignored. Instead, children are programmed to feel stuffed after a meal rather than satisfied. Belonging to the Clean Plate Club is … Read More

Restrict a food and it becomes more desirable. Teach a child to enjoy a reasonable serving of a sweet treat, knowing that it will be available again in the future, is part of learning the principles of healthy eating. Though we all know what candy is, there is no legal definition or standard of identity for candy. It loosely … Read More

Researchers confirmed, once again, that if people are offered larger-sized portions or packages they will eat more. Larger dishes and utensils also encourage overeating more than smaller-sized versions. The researchers looked at people from age 3 to their mid-50s and the results were the same. Offer more and people simple eat more. When given drinks in … Read More