Brian Wansink, PhD from Cornell focuses his research on what drives people to make food choices. In a recent study he looked at 6 to 8 year old kids eating at a fast food restaurant. The children were given either apples slices or French fries with their meal. For one group French fries were the default … Read More

Many restaurant chains are introducing kid-friendly juice drinks these days to offset their slipping soda sales. They’re hoping that playful colors, memorable names and unusual flavors they can hike check totals while making parents feel good about their choices. But are juice drinks really a better choice for kids? We believe healthier eating is all … Read More

Mothers get blamed for everything. But, now there is a new blame-mom connection out there. If you are a woman and you don’t eat well, it was your mother’s fault. This isn’t a joke or some pop psychology idea; sound research has shown that when it comes to eating and exercise habits, girls do what … Read More

“I hate broccoli! I want spaghetti with no sauce! Take the crust off the bread!” Sound familiar? The eating behavior of young children is often unpredictable and frustrating. Parents sit by anxiously, convinced their child is starving. Yet, this seemingly “starving” child is the picture of health and has boundless energy. Preschoolers are mimics, learning … Read More

Eating as a family is more important than you think. What with work schedules, commuting, sports practices, and after-school activities, fewer and fewer families eat meals together these days. Sitting down to a homemade breakfast or coordinating schedules to eat dinner together seems like a relic of the past. If you provide good food choices … Read More

Much of what children learn is not taught in a classroom. They learn by living. View life with your child as an ongoing learning laboratory with endless opportunities to explore. TEACH, DON’T PREACH, ABOUT GOOD EATING! – Encourage, but don’t force, your child to try new foods. – Teach your child to eat till his … Read More

Toddlers are a study in contradictions that often spill over into frustrating and unpredictable eating behavior. Q. My 15-month old has totally lost his appetite. What should I do? A. Nothing! It’s perfectly normal for a toddler’s appetite to decrease. A baby grows almost 10 inches and triples his weight in a year. Between age … Read More

The key to good snacking is good choices and serving sizes. “I’m hungry. When’s supper?” Many of us grew up with the idea that snacking was bad, and that mid-afternoon snacks would ruin the appetite for dinner. This isn’t true. What and how much they eat is more important than when they eat. The key … Read More