New in the Market: BAO Cultured Sauces

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on September 11, 2018 · 0 comments

We love to try new foods. Some are great. Some don’t measure up and some become staples in our kitchen. See what you think.

Many health experts recommend eating more fermented foods to restore the natural protective colonies of good bacteria in our gut. These healthy microbes, collectively called probiotics, are often our first line of defense in fighting infection and lowering our risk for chronic health conditions.

BAO, which rhymes with wow, is a NYC-based company that produces fermented foods – kombucha, cultured sauces, and pickled vegetables.

We tasted BAO cultured sauces. Fermented foods are often rich in umami, a deep earthy flavor. BAO sauces are a blend of briny, tart, spicy and umami. They are meant to be used as a condiment. The brand recommends adding 2 to 4 tablespoons to your sauce, salad dressing or marinade.

Hot Sauce comes in 4 varieties – Chipotle, Jalapeno, Mango, and Original. A 1-ounce serving (about 2 tablespoons) has 5 calories and 67 milligrams of sodium. Every flavor is lip-burning, throat-scorching hot. If you love hot sauce give this brand a try.

BAO-B-Que Original is less spicy. A 1-ounce serving has 24 calories and 98 milligrams of sodium.

Sour K’Chup Original is not your typical ketchup with a strong earthy taste that is unique. A 1-ounce serving has 24 calories and 98 milligrams of sodium.

BAO is committed to protecting the planet by donating compostable material to local gardens, reusing and recycling where possible, and powering their production plant with 100% renewable energy from Green Mountain Energy. Seventy percent of the ingredients used to make BAO products are locally grown and all products are USDA Organic Certified.

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