New in the Market: O’Tim Sweet and Eureka Natural Monk Fruit Teas

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on March 6, 2018 · 0 comments

We love to try new foods. Some are great. Some don’t measure up and some become staples in our kitchen. See what you think.

O’Tim Sweet is a monk fruit-based, zero calorie sweetener. Monk fruit also known as lo han guo, is a plant native to south East Asia. It was approved in 2009 by the FDA for use in food and beverages in the US. It is 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar so a little goes a long way. It is safe for use by children, pregnant women and people with diabetes.

The monk fruit in O’Tim Sweet is combined with trehalose, a natural sugar found in mushrooms, honey, wine and other foods. Trehalose is made up of two glucose molecules. An enzyme can break this compound into two simple sugars but most people do not have an abundant amount of the enzyme so trehalose is not readily absorbed in the body. Therefore, it contributes only a trace of carb and no calories in a package of O’Tim Sweet.

Eureka Natural Monk Fruit Teas are available in 10 flavors. The teabags are staple free and pyramid shaped for better infusion. We tasted five. All had a pleasant mild flavor and were just slightly sweet.

  • Classic
  • Green Tea
  • Hibiscus Orange
  • Orange Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

Eureka Teas and O’Tim Sweet can be purchased online at:

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