Apple Juice Good For Tummy Troubles

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on July 28, 2016 · 0 comments

GI problems that result in diarrhea and mild dehydration are common in babies and toddlers. Traditional treatment recommends offering pediatric electrolyte solutions. Dr. Stephen Freedman from the University of Calgary, Canada challenged this conventional treatment by recommending diluted apple juice followed by any fluid the child preferred instead of the standard electrolyte replacement drink.

He followed close to 600 children and found those who were given apple juice, diluted to half strength with water, experienced fewer complications. He concluded that in developed countries where complications from minor GI episodes are infrequent, apple juice is just as effective as an electrolyte replacement drink. For many children, especially those over the age of 2, apple juice is preferred because of the taste so the children are likely to drink more.

Recommending drinks with high sugar content as a fluid replacement has been discouraged in the past because of the potential to cause more diarrhea. When the apple juice is diluted this does not happen. Getting children to drink enough of the electrolyte solution has often been a problem and in some cases has resulted in the need for intravenous fluid replacement. Apple juice, even when diluted offers calories and this can be beneficial when a child is ill and drinking or eating very little.

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