New in the Market: Bauli Panettone

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on November 3, 2014 · 1 comment

BAULI_Panettone-300We love to try new foods. Some are great. Some don’t measure up and some become staples in our kitchen. See what you think.

Panettone is Italian sweet bread that originated in Milan. It is a traditional holiday cake but it truly should be enjoyed year round. It comes in a typical dome or large muffin shape, usually boxed with the bottom half wrapped in parchment paper. To make panettone successfully requires a long process of proofing (sitting and rising) and the finished bread needs to be hung to keep it from settling under its own weight. It typically contains raisins, candied orange, citron and lemon zest. True panettone has a light and fluffy crumb that needs to be cut with a serrated knife.

Bauli Il Panettone Di Milano meets all of these traditional characteristics. The finished panettone is sweet, but not overly so, with a mild orange flavor. All Bauli products are made similar to sourdough using natural yeast from a mother nucleus of leavened dough to which flour and water are added. The panettone dough leavens slowly in 40 hours. Bauli Panettone has no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and is non-GMO (no genetically modified ingredients). It is kosher certified (Star K).

One serving, one-sixth of the cake or close to 3 ounces, is a more than an ample serving with 310 calories.

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