Eating Out—Eating Smart

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on August 5, 2003 · 1 comment

If you’re going out to eat tonight, don’t feel guilty, don’t give up, and don’t think your entire weight loss effort is about to go down the drain. Just plan.

Weight management experts say eating out without overeating is a high level skill — it’s hard to do. But, it can be done.

Eat a lighter breakfast and lunch to make up for the larger portions you’ll face this evening. It’s not a bad idea to squeeze in some extra activity during the day – how about a walk at lunch? Or, you can balance dinner with lighter eating and extra activity tomorrow.

And, there are lots of “thin habits” you can use to enjoy the evening out and not sabotage your weight-loss goals.

Avoid temptation

Stay away from all-you-can-eat buffets.
Take one roll and have the bread basket removed.
Request no butter for the bread.
Keep the vegetable tray, but give back the chips and dip.

“Something to drink?” – “Water, thank you.”

Choose calorie-free drinks – water, mineral water, club soda, unsweetened iced tea.
Choose lower-calorie drinks – wine, wine spritzers, fruit juice with club soda, diet soda.

Make an appetizer a meal.

Order an appetizer as your entrée.
Ask if a lunch portion can be ordered for dinner.
Share a main dish and order extra vegetables.

Play with your food.

Scrape off excess sauce or gravy.
Trim off fat.
Remove skin from poultry.
Remove butter or sour cream from your baked potato.

On the side.

Ask for your butter, gravy, salad dressing, sauce, sour cream, syrup, guacamole or grated cheese on the side, and leave at least half.

Eat slowly.

Enjoy the company – talk more, eat less.
Take in the ambience of the restaurant.

Eat till you feel fine, not full.

Stop eating when you feel comfortably satisfied, not stuffed.
You don’t need to clean your plate.
Ask for a doggie-bag to take home.

Split dessert.

Share with a friend. Or, better yet, share with the whole table.

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