eating less

The simple answer should be hunger. If we all ate to eliminate hunger and stopped eating when we were full, nobody would be overweight. In reality, few of us ever feel real hunger and most of us don’t stop eating when we’re full. The result is a population where more than 60% of adults are … Read More

Simple suggestions to help you eat well – and still enjoy eating. 1. Always eat 3 meals a day In fact, 4 or 5 small meals are even better. Skipping a meal in order to “splurge” later usually leads to eating more, not less. 2. Start your meal light A clear or light soup, shrimp … Read More

All dieters encounter situations that test their resolve. But you can eliminate or find a way around trouble spots. Whenever I fight with my husband, I bury my sorrow in bag of potato chips. It destroys all my dieting efforts. Any suggestions? Fights with people we love are tough to deal with, and often we … Read More

There are 80 calories in an oatmeal cookie, a medium apple, or a glass of nonfat milk. Which is the best nutritional investment? An oatmeal cookie, regardless of how good it tastes, has far more fat and sugar than oatmeal. Your calorie investment is low on important nutrients, but high in fat and sugar – … Read More

Sitting at your desk reading this, you could be gaining weight. As Americans get heavier and heavier, researchers are scrambling to understand why people today are gaining weight. A major factor for Americans is the many modern conveniences we use, and love. Experts estimate that modern life, with its computers, TVs, dishwashers, and escalators, has … Read More

Eat when you’re hungry. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Hunger and satisfaction are simple words for a complex process that tells us when to eat and when to stop. Get a handle on that process, and you have a powerful weapon in your personal weight-control war. If eating were simply a matter of … Read More

Eating right can seem so complicated—more protein, less sugar, watch your cholesterol. It’s hard to know what advice to follow. Whenever people ask us how to eat better, we say: GO NAKED. Wherever possible, undress your food. Have a baked potato without the sour cream, vegetables without the cheese sauce, ice cream without the hot … Read More