Three Easy Steps to Decluttering Your Pantry

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on September 22, 2016 · 0 comments

We grocery shop with good intentions but some of the items we bring home get lost on our pantry shelves, wasting space and money. It makes sense to do a pantry inventory every couple of months to see what is lurking in those dusty back corners. And once a year, do a deep cleanout:

First, empty your pantry shelf by shelf and check for items that have passed their “best by” dates. If the expiration date is only a few weeks or a month ago, you don’t have to throw the item away, just use it promptly. Best by dates are freshness dates set by the food company and are not a safety issue if the date passes.

Then, reorganize your shelves grouping similar food together so items are less likely to get lost in the future. If you find that staple items like beans, tuna, tomato sauce, broths, soups and fruits are in short supply, put them on your next shopping list to restock.

Always shelve newly purchased food behind existing food to be sure you use up the older items first (first in, first out).

While it may take a little time to organize your pantry, it is well worth the effort. It will give you a supply of items that can help you easily build meals plus it will ultimately save you money because items won’t go unused and thrown away.

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