New in the Market: Sweet & Salty – Pyure Organic Stevia and LoSalt Reduced Sodium Salt Alternative

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on March 17, 2014 · 0 comments

Pyure_Org80-300 We love to try new foods. Some are great. Some don’t measure up and some become staples in our kitchen. See what you think.

 Many people are trying to reduce their sugar and salt intake. Pyure Organic Stevia and LoSalt might be options to try.

 Pyure Organic Stevia is a calorie free sugar substitute made from stevia and agave inulin. Stevia is a plant native to South America known for its sweetening properties. In 2009 the FDA granted GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status to rebaudioside A, one of the chemicals in the stevia plant that makes it sweet.

Pyure Organic Stevia has no calories and 1 gram of fiber per packet. The fiber source is agave inulin. Inulin is a natural plant-based, soluble fiber found in agave, a plant related to aloe. Pyure Organic Stevia comes 40 packets to a box and is non-GMO (no genetically modified ingredients) and kosher certified (OU).


US ORIGINAL & IODIZED - 300LoSalt Reduced Sodium Salt Alternative is available Original or Iodized in a 12.35 ounce (350 gram) tub. It has 66% less sodium, but looks and tastes like regular salt. LoSalt is a reduced sodium product not a salt substitute which is why it can be used in cooking and baking the same way you would use regular salt. If a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of salt use 1 teaspoon of LoSalt instead for a saving of 1,680 milligrams of sodium.

LoSalt is a mixture of two mineral salts — sodium chloride and potassium chloride. A ¼-teaspoon serving has 170 milligrams of sodium and 450 milligrams of potassium with no calories, protein, fat or carb. A ¼-teaspoon serving of regular salt has 590 milligrams of sodium and no potassium. The iodized version of LoSalt provides 40% of your daily recommendation for iodine (in ¼-tespoon serving) which is similar to iodized regular salt. LoSalt is kosher certified and Halal suitable.



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