New on the Bookshelf: The Calorie Counter, 6th Edition

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on April 22, 2013 · 0 comments

calorie6 cover-300The Calorie Counter, 6th Edition

by Karen J. Nolan, PhD & Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, CDN, RD

Diet trends come and go – but one thing is certain – calories count!

Wherever you turn people are talking about calories.

Eat too many and you gain.

Eat too few and you lose.

Move and you burn calories faster and lose weight quicker.

The Calorie Counter, 6h Edition is the most comprehensive calorie counter and the least expensive, most effective, diet book in the marketplace.

 – Calorie counts for more than 20,000 foods
– Expanded categories with new and revised generic foods
– Over 900 take-out foods
– 112 regional and national restaurant chains listed with over 8700 menu choices
– Introductory text expanded, revised and updated – with a new section on helping dieters handled tough problems – Oops! What Now? Taking Charge In Tough Situations

Everyone needs this book – in the last decade Americans have gained a total of more than 1 billion pounds — 68 % weigh too much.

The most successful diet in the US today is what people call “my own diet.”

Forget fads. With the sound advice, support, and calorie information provided the reader can design their own diet that will work for them.

  • Understand calories
  • Understand portions
  • Set a target weight
  • Determine the calories you need daily
  • Calculate the calories used through everyday activities and exercise
  • Find out the truth about dieting myths
  • Realize that real men do count calories – weight loss for men
  • Manage “mindless eating”
  • Navigate dieting speedbumps that derail success
  • Lose weight

YOU SHOULD KNOW highlight boxes are sprinkled throughout the book offering quirky, entertaining, useful tips and information such as:

  • Walk More – Weigh Less offering a step-per-day guidelines to drop pounds
  • It May Be Women’s Brains And Not Their Stomachs That Lead To Overeating
  • Sleep Too Little, Weigh Too Much
  • Calorie Cost Of Love
  • And, many many more — 

A decisive 2012 research study out of Harvard (noted in the book) showed once again that the composition of the diet (low carb, high carb, high protein, low fat or high fat) is not the key to weight loss and weight maintenance – it is the amount of calories eaten that counts!

Buy it: The Calorie Counter, 6th edition, Karen J. Nolan and Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, Pocket Books, 2013, ISBN 13: 978-1451621631


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