10 Tiny Temptations That Lead to Holiday Trouble

by Jo-Ann Heslin, MA, RD, CDN on December 6, 2010 · 1 comment

Everyone worries about weight gain over the holidays–and for good reason!

Even when you’re careful not drink too much at the office party or not overeat at large holiday meals, somehow at the end of the season you’ve still packed on extra pounds. Where did they come from?

The calories may have come from tiny tastes. Tiny tastes are almost invisible. No matter how good you think are being, they can sneak in throughout the day— and add up quickly. Watch how these ten little temptations can total big calories. At the bottom, we’ll tell you how to tackle them!

  1. You are making cookies for the kids’ class party, and eat three broken pieces. You deserve them, of course, because you woke up extra early to bake the cookies before work! But 3 cookie pieces = 50 calories.
  2. Someone sent candied nuts to the office as a holiday treat. You took just a few. One tablespoon of candied mixed nuts = 35 calories.
  3. The cheese department of the specialty food store you are wandering through at lunchtime is offering cheese and cracker samples. You will take just one sample as a pre-lunch treat. One cracker + cheese = 55 calories.
  4. The coffee shop is offering samples of their famous holiday pumpkin latte. Those cups as so small—and everyone is murmuring about how good it is. One 2-ounce (1/4 cup) sample of pumpkin latte = 45 calories.
  5. A generous elf left a box of dark chocolate truffles in the break room. You have one with your morning tea. You show great restraint and do not take a second. But one dark chocolate truffle = 60 calories.
  6. You are at one of the endless holiday parties you must attend for work. You’ve ordered a wine spritzer because you know that diluting alcohol with a non-calorie mixer is a great way to save calories. But you are standing next to the warm spinach dip and you find yourself going back again and again. Three tablespoons of spinach dip + 6 tortilla chips = 190 calories.
  7. Who doesn’t love eggnog? Plus, you only get to drink it once a year. You simply cannot resist, so you sip a small cupful as a pre-dinner treat. One half cup of regular eggnog = 170 calories.
  8. The dessert buffet is extravagant, but you’ve already made a deal with yourself to skip dessert and simply order a cappuccino. But, those tiny cream puffs are so little. How can just one hurt? One miniature cream puff = 75 calories.
  9. Dinner is over and you are putting away the leftovers. There are only a couple of spoonfuls of candied sweet potatoes left. Too little to save and you hate to throw out food. Three tablespoons of candied sweet potatoes = 75 calories.
  10. You love cheesecake but you know that one serving contains many more calories than you need at the end of an already large meal. You ask your hostess for a sliver. You feel very proud of yourself and indulge in a little whipped cream, too. One tiny sliver of cheesecake + 2 tablespoons of whipped cream = 145 calories.

If you add up these 10 tiny tastes, you’ve eaten a whopping 900 extra calories!! You gain 1 pound for every 3,500 extra calories you eat and don’t work off. If you continue to add tiny tastes over the holidays you can easily put on unwanted pounds.

You have two choices—use tricks like these to avoid being tempted by tiny tastes or calculate the extra calories you’ve eaten and add activity into your holiday routine to use them up. Remember that you burn approximately 100 calories for every mile you walk, 170 calories for a half hour of doubles tennis, or 200 calories for a half hour of moderate aerobic exercise, such as dancing. Tiny tastes aren’t so tiny after all and it will take effort on your part to work them off.

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Tyronne August 17, 2015 at 10:28 am

You need to take your prenatal vnitmais, you really don’t eat for 2. Just make sure to eat the right kinds of foods. It will be hard to lose the baby weight if you gain too much. I know you don’t care now, but you will later.


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